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The Perfect Smile Studios
7/9 South Street
SG14 1AZ
Tel: 01992 552115
Fax: 01992 552415

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The Perfect Smile Studios
Cosmetic Dentistry in Hertfordshire,
Essex & London

Welcome to the home of the Perfect Smile. Our referral practice is dedicated to nervous patients and services in Hertfordshire, London and Essex in cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics and comprehensive general care.

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Relaxing Dental Studios

Take the video tour of our state-of-the-art spa like studios

Our Unique Combination of Care And Service:

As eminent professional opinion leaders Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi provide you with a unique platform for cutting edge dentistry. If you are seeking modern solutions to your goals then The Perfect Smile Studios is for you. Dr. Rahul Doshi's clinical directorship with Premium Practice Dentistry dental publication and as both their roles as Private Dentistry Award Judges create the ideal settings for avant-garde and groundbreaking technologies. This means that you can be assured of comfortable and effective dental options to your requirements. The Perfect Smiles Studios are paving the way forward for you by creating healthy beautiful smiles that are perfect for you.

Their extensive work with The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute has meant that Drs' Doshi have accumulated a wealth of experience in interdisciplinary multifaceted dentistry. Dr. Rahul Doshi has now taught over 5000 dentists worldwide on the art of smile makeovers and comprehensive treatment planning. Dr. Rahul Doshi is also eminently involved with the highly acclaimed Ultrathin Veneers treatment technique, which has specifically been developed to improve smiles by emulating natural teeth with normally no removal of tooth tissue.

Dr. Doshi also continuously invites elite speakers to the institute to create clinical excellence in his teaching.

This means that for our patients they can be assured of high levels of competence and clinical experience.

Our Visiting Specialists
The Perfect Smile Studios attracts highly qualified visiting specialists to cater for our patients. This means that you can have high quality comfortable comprehensive dentistry, carried out, all under one roof. Our unique system of patient care enables you to see your preferred dentists for specific treatments whilst at the same time having your overall care under the same dentist. This assures you of excellence in your dentistry and a complete care program.

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10 Reasons Why The Perfect Smile Studios
Are Your No.1 Choice

You will now be able to enjoy and have access to:

  • Orthodontist, Hygiene Therapist and Periodontist
    We also have an Orthodontist (straightens teeth for children and adults), Periodontist (gum specialist), Hygiene Therapist and Hygienist on site that completes our comprehensive care team.
  • Pain-free, Injection-free, Drill-free Laser Dentistry
    Dentistry without the drill! No need for injections! We can now perform fillings without the need for the dentist drill or injections. This can be music to your ears especially if you are nervous or have children who are apprehensive of dentistry.
  • Complete Comprehensive Assessments
    We use the latest technology in dentistry to ensure the longevity of your mouths without future problems. Come and talk to us on how we can help you become healthy.
  • Comprehensive Treatments Plans
    This will ensure that you do not have expensive problems in the future. We use the latest in techniques to give you long lasting dentistry.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry and Customised Smile Makeovers
    to suit individual requirements
    You can have major or minor cosmetic improvements. We also offer a wide array of teeth whitening treatments to suit your individual needs. We apply an artistic approach in cosmetic dentistry to give every individual a perfectly tailored smile to suit their face. At the Perfect Smile Studios, we offer a comprehensive range of treatment options that covers every scenario in cosmetic dentistry - all under one roof!
  • Denture Alternatives - Fixed Implants
    We have a top dentist, dedicated to providing dental implants in Hertfordshire, who comes here to help those patients who suffer from tooth loss, gaps in mouth or loose dentures.
  • Special Techniques for Nervous Patients
    We have sedation and other forms of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help patients who want to become healthy but who are anxious.

At our relaxing dental studios we serve clients from all over the UK. The Perfect Smile Studios dentist practice in Herts is a convenient location if your goal is to experience excellence! Known industry wide as a cosmetic dentistry centre of excellence, we actively provide high quality treatments to suit a range of needs including general dentistry, white dental fillings and are also sought after, to provide implant dentistry in Hertfordshire.

All of our cosmetic dentists work to keep the patient and their needs in mind, offering sedation techniques for particularly nervous patients undergoing dental treatments.

If you are new to the area and require Hertfordshire dental care, please give us a call and we will be happy to help whether your enquiry is of a cosmetic dentistry nature or regarding something more mainstream.

As you can see we now have a wide range of options and technology to make sure the mouths of you and your family stay healthy.

Join us in our “Get Healthy Teeth” campaign and we look forward to seeing you and your family soon.
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