Care Nurse

The Care Nurse is one of the most essential team members in our practice. She is highly trained in making sure that your treatment clinics run efficiently and that your treatment is comfortable for you meeting your every need.

The Care Nurse liaises with the Treatment Coordinator and the responsible dentist to ensure that the clinic is prepared in advance of your appointment. She will make sure that all the relevant materials, instruments, diagnostics and information is prepared and available for the dentist to use.

The Care Nurse is responsible for your comfort throughout your visit to our practice. She will help you with any anxieties and ensure that your dental appointment is completely stress-free. She attends to your every need and makes your dentistry as pleasant as can be. She also understands your specific treatment and so is available to answer any of your questions or concerns. Many patients find this very reassuring, as they know that the dentist and care nurse is fully focused on their treatment.

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