An endodontist is a specialist in treating the root canals of teeth. Root canals form the inner branching network whereby the blood supply and nerves feed the tooth. Sometimes, this network can become damaged or infected. In these instances, the tooth can slowly deteriorate, in some instances causing pain.

When a tooth displays signs and symptoms of infection or trauma, the endodontist will assess the tooth and carry out various tests to evaluate the exact problem. They can do this using various techniques including electric pulp tester, hot and cold stimulation or assess the percussion tenderness. These diagnostics provide information as to how we should manage the situation.

In cases where the tooth is heavily infected the endodontist can perform emergency treatment to open and dress tooth. This allows the endodontist to safely remove the infection and then dress the tooth so that it can be stabilized or prepared ready for a root canal treatment.

In our practice, we use a special microscope to carry out any root canal treatments. This ensures a high level of accuracy in restoring the tooth back to health. This becomes an important facet when we consider that root canal treatment is the last restorative treatment a tooth undergoes before we recommend its extraction.

Another important contributing factor to the success of any root canal treatment is the quality and accuracy of the equipment and tools used to do the job. In our practice, we have invested heavily in specialist equipment to facilitate a successful root canal treatment.

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