Hygiene Coordinator

Our Hygiene Coordinators are trained to ensure that your every need regarding your gum and teeth health is catered for within the practice. They coordinate treatment plans prescribed by the dentist with our Hygiene Therapists and Periodontist. This means that every aspect of your periodontal treatment plan is attended with optimal results in mind.

Often various materials and specific instruments are required for those that are responsible for your gum health. This is especially true at the Perfect Smile Studios as we like to remain cutting edge in our techniques and innovations. The Hygiene coordinator makes sure that all the necessary components are pre-ordered and present on the day of treatment. This helps to make your treatment long lasting and comfortable.

The Hygiene Coordinators also makes sure that the relevant information is communicated efficiently between the Hygiene Therapist, dentist and Periodontist. This means that your visit can commence straightforwardly and without complications.

This level of integration and organization makes sure everyone has what they need in order to create a successful outcome.

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