Implant Coordinator

Oral surgery and Implants are surgical procedures. These procedures require a high level of organization in order to keep things safe and meet the current standards of excellence in practice. The Implant Coordinator liaises with the various dentists concerned to highlight exactly the needs for your appointment. She is responsible for organizing every detail of your Implant/oral surgery procedure according to the dentist’s prescription. She makes sure that all the necessary aspects for both you and your dentist are in place so that the procedure will follow without any complications.

The Implant Coordinator ensures that the relevant type of Implants, materials and other necessary components are all pre-ordered in advance and hence everything the dentist needs to complete the treatment is present on the day. She is also responsible to make sure that the entire team are focused and prepared to work in a coordinated manner. This level of organization ensures that your appointment is completely stress-free and comfortable for you.

This role requires a high level of training and continued knowledge in all aspects of Oral Surgery and Implantology. The Implant Coordinator also facilitates the dentist placing the Implants and/or the surgical procedure. This synergistic relationship creates a smooth and successful treatment process.

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