Invisalign Coordinator

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening system that has gained much popularity for its invisible nature. The Invisalign Coordinator is proficient in the Invisalign teeth straightening system and works hand in hand with the dentist to organize the treatment to create a stable and long-lasting aesthetic result for the patient. She will follow all the relevant protocols as outlined by the Invisalign System.

Patients have also found it very useful to have a chairside assistant that also understands their treatment. Thus if they have any questions they can also ask the Invisalign Coordinator as well as the dentist.

Orthodontic treatment often needs much-advanced planning to ensure optimal results. It requires considerable organization and teamwork. Our Invisalign Coordinator manages everything from your first visit to the last. She is responsible for making sure that the dentist has everything they need to allow the treatment to progress with minimal complications.

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