Orthodontic Coordinator

The Orthodontic Coordinator is responsible for the efficient running of all the teeth straightening orthodontic systems in the practice. Since we customize all treatments according to the individual there are often multiple orthodontic systems functioning at the same time.

The Orthodontic Coordinator will ensure that all the relevant components including the different types of brackets, wires and appliances are present for the dentist to use according to his/her prescription for treatment. She also organizes the laboratories for work to be processed meeting the correct schedule. This required a highly proficient communication system.

Any necessary photographs and impressions can also be taken by the Orthodontic Coordinator to help treatment planning. The Orthodontic Coordinator undergoes special training to understand how to integrate the treatment to meet the dentist’s and patient’s expectations.

They are also there to help clarify any questions you may have regarding your treatment as they oversee every aspect of your treatment to ensure it all runs smoothly.

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