An orthodontist is a specialist that has specifically gained advanced training in a particular branch of dentistry called Orthodontics. This involves straightening teeth to achieve the correct functioning of teeth with an enhanced cosmetic look.

There are now various types of teeth straightening systems available that include both the traditional specialist orthodontic treatments and now the more modern short-term adult orthodontic systems.

Both categories have their particular benefits and may be suitable for the right cases.

Over the last decade, numerous orthodontic systems have been innovated and used to provide adults with straighter better-looking teeth. However, it is imperative that you are treated with the correct type of orthodontic system if you want your results to be optimal for you.

We have a specific orthodontic assessment criterion that helps the Orthodontist to advise the correct type of teeth straightening system for you.

Fortunately, we have dentists that have been trained in most of the systems on the market and they will be able to customize the treatments to suit your particular requirements. They will also be able to integrate teeth straightening with other specialities of dentistry.

Orthodontic Treatment with an Orthodontist can help with:

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