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Chronic oral inflammation is one of the most prevalent infections in the world. It is often called the “silent” disease, as a person may not be aware that they have it. The symptoms are not very obvious or painful (especially in the early stages) so many often ignore it.

We have as part of our clinical dental team Periodontists that are specialists in helping you to prevent loss of teeth and restore oral health. We have especially hand selected our particular dentists for their high intensity of training, ethics, experience and expert cutting-edge advice. Hence, you can be assured of optimal current recommendations for advice and treatment solutions. They also use avant-garde treatment techniques and technologies to ensure longevity and success of treatment.

If advanced periodontal care is highlighted in your dental examination we refer you to our specialist periodontist for superior care. They will assess your teeth and gums in a detailed manner to establish a base-line from which to work. It is important to understand where you fall on the spectrum of the gum infection – this often ranges from simple initial signs such as minor bleeding or redness to more advanced periodontitis with excessive infection and tooth mobility. Often other cosmetic procedures such as gum grafts or soft-tissue surgery also fall into the treatment regime of Periodontists.

The Periodontist may on occasion also use the assistance of our Hygienist Therapist to facilitate their treatment.

The importance of periodontal care:

1. It is important to prevent dental disease which may lead to decay (tooth infection) and gingivitis (gum infection).

2. If it is not managed correctly gingivitis can lead to periodontitis where the infection becomes more resilient and so the treatment becomes more complex.

3. Gum infections can lead to tooth loss which in turn can have a significant negative impact on the quality of your life.

4. It is important to get specific advice that is uniquely built around your particular conditions, level of infection and susceptibility.

5. A customized home regime can increase the ability to keep infection at bay.

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