Restorative Dentist

This is a dentist that is dedicated to restoring the teeth, smile or occlusion (bite) back to a stable functioning and aesthetics. All treatment solutions are based on creating a health sound foundation for the teeth, gums and mouth.

Restoring the teeth
This involves building a tooth back to either its original shape or to change the shape to fit in with a new smile design. Often bonding techniques are used to correct abnormalities in the tooth structure or to reinforce the structural integrity of the teeth. Materials such as porcelain or composite can be used to help facilitate this.

Restoring the smile
When a new smile is required the restorative dentist will plan how to restore the smile to a newer more enhanced version. This involves advanced techniques of designing a new smile. There are certain criteria that need to be acknowledged in order to create a smile that suits the person and their face. Restorative dentists that are dedicated to this practice are called Cosmetic Dentists.

Restoring the bite
When teeth are in the incorrect position they often create “interferences” in the correct functioning of the teeth. This, in turn, leads to an imbalance between the top and bottom teeth leading to a negative impact on the teeth such as excessive tooth wear or breaking of teeth. There are several factors that a restorative dentist takes into account when restoring teeth that involve stabilization and rebalancing of the teeth. This ensures the longevity of teeth and treatment.

Restoring lost teeth
When a patient has missing teeth it can have a dominoes type effect of all the other teeth. There can be consequences of the inability to chew food properly, movement of other teeth and compromised cosmetics. A restorative dentist that is dedicated to restoring missing teeth is called a Prosthodontist.

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