Top Rising Stars in Cosmetic Dentistry

Top rising stars in cosmetic dentistry

Award-winning cosmetic dentists Believe it or not, finding amazing and credible cosmetic dentists can be quite difficult to find. Many private practices offer cosmetic procedures and options, but patients considering dental cosmetic work should choose the practice based on the skill, training and technique of their leading cosmetic dentists. Education and further training should be … Read more

Dr Rahul Doshi voted into the Top 50 most influential UK dentists

Dr rahul doshi voted into the top 50 most influential uk dentists

Proudly Voted by Fellow UK Dental Professionals Every year, conducts an exclusive survey that’s voted by dental professions across the UK. The Top 50 list includes a range of dentists, campaigners and politicians that dental professionals consider as top influencers on the UK dentistry industry. Dr Rahul Doshi, was the founder and principal dentist … Read more

Practice News: September 2018

There has been a lot going on in our practice over the past few months and the on-going theme is ‘families’ with weddings, engagements, babies, babies and more babies! Our dental team family has been steadily growing. We have a few team members back from maternity leave – Shivani, our hygiene therapist, who had a … Read more

How Important is success to a dentist

Today our delegate dentists and their teams on our Advanced Training Course will be fitting the final smiles on all the patients. I know it’s going to be an emotional day. It usually is because this is the day these patients are finally going to get the smile they have always wanted but have delayed … Read more

The Perfect Smile Institute

The Perfect Smile Studio

The Perfect Smile Institute We are looking forward to the last 2 days of the spring Advanced Training Course held at The Perfect Smile Institute. We have a great dentists and their teams, and a really good agenda for some innovative strategies on creating beautiful looking teeth for our patients. Who do we teach and … Read more

Why consider The Perfect Smile Studios for Cosmetic Dentistry?

The Perfect Smile Studio

It is often a very difficult decision when considering where to go to get your dentistry or dental implants work done. These days everyone sounds the same and it increasingly feels like a gamble. We understand this and want to make your decisions easy and simple. For this reason we have considered a few areas … Read more

The new thought arena for dentists

The Perfect Smile Studio

Dr. Doshi helped cosmetic dentists Dr. Rahul Doshi, a trusted clinical director and senior dentist at the Perfect Smile Studios was proud to be announced that he was a mentor to the professionals in Dental Circle. This collaborates with his other work in the dental profession. Read more. “Staying abreast of new ideas and thoughts … Read more

Is art really subjective? Is Cosmetic Dentistry subjective?

On attending one of our dental meetings we visited the city of Florence, Italy. As part of a site seeing tour, we went to see the famous marble statue of “David” by the Italian artist Michelangelo in Galleria dell’Accademia. This is definitely a must-see for anyone going to Tuscany. On looking upon this exquisite Renaissance … Read more

Get to Know Your Leading Dentist

Find out what your dentist really thinks about that perfect smile Get to know the real in’s and out’s of dentistry in this fantastic revealing interview with Dr. Rahul Doshi of The Perfect Smile Studios. Dr Rahul Doshi was a celebrity cosmetic dentist whose work were regularly featured in the national media, including Extreme Makeover … Read more

Let Hertfordshire bring out your Perfect Smile

Blooming serendipitously in the southeast of England is the plush green historical county of Hertfordshire. This wonderful land exuberates the finest history and many hidden ethereal scarcities. We thought it would be nice for you to have a little more information on the county and perhaps how you might like to make a day of … Read more