Celebrity Smiles

Celebrity smiles

List of celebrities and the cosmetic procedures they have had Whilst it is one of the biggest taboos to admit to having cosmetic work done, whether it’s a bit of botox, a new set of veneers or more serious and severe procedures like facelifts and breast implants. Whilst we can all fall into the trick … Read more

The Great British Cosmetic Dentistry Rush

Popular Trends and treatments for Boomers and Millennials Here at The Perfect Smile, we have seen an emergence of patients requesting the same procedures we often use on our celebrity clients. Due to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, procedures have gotten faster and better, which means they are more accessible to all kinds of patients with … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry Industry is Expected to Thrive

The most popular form of dentistry Whilst the British are notorious for yellow and crooked teeth, this age-old stereotype is now being challenged as more and more people throughout the UK turn to cosmetic dentistry. Today, British people spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on their dental care each year, where patients do not just … Read more

The porcelain veneer timeline: cosmetic dentistry is not a new thing, veneers have been around since 1920!

porcelain veneer timeline

If you come to your dentist telling them you are feeling self-conscious or unhappy with your smile, one of the options they may suggest for you is dental veneers.  Porcelain veneers are thin shells made from a durable ceramic. Rather than providing a full set of replacement teeth (like dentures), veneers are thin shells that … Read more

How to Get Meghan Markle’s Bright, White Smile

Meghan Markle’s Teeth will be the Most Requested Look of 2019 Since the official announcement back in 2018 of Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s wedding, there has been an increasing trend towards a request for a smile makeover that looks similar to the Duchess of Sussex’s teeth. It’s the much talked about ‘smile’ that won … Read more

Get a Kate Middleton Smile with Special Micro-Rotation

checking out new smile

Get Kate Middleton’s Smile Earlier this summer, The Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Los Angeles at the end of her Canadian Royal tour with a transformation in her smile. It was gleaming and straight, unlike Hollywood’s perfectly straight and excessively white smiles. She had taken her smile from OK to red carpet ready. Did Kate … Read more

Does Cheryl Cole REALLY have the Perfect Smile?

THE PERFECT SMILE STUDIOS SPECIAL: Cheryl Cole seemingly has a great smile and some people would remark that it is the perfect smile. But what exactly makes up the ingredients of this? We spoke to celebrity dentist Dr. Rahul Doshi, past dentist of the Smile Clinic to investigated the different aspects that makeup a perfect … Read more

Interesting facts you didn’t know about John Lennon’s teeth…

chipped teeth photo

Expense issues often overtake health concerns when considering dentistry procedures. Take a look at John Lennon. His tooth went at Omega Auctions for a whopping £19000! Now that’s one expensive tooth! John had given this tooth to his former housekeeper Dot Jarlett asking her to dispose of it after he supposedly pulled the tooth out … Read more

Beautiful Smile Makes YouAppear More Successful

A shiny white smile can influence the way a person in perceived by others and can make them look more confident and successful. This is the key finding from a UK study by Oral B, which found that people with white teeth are believed to earn an average of £10,000 more than those with stained … Read more

Has Miley Cyrus had her teeth done?

Once again we embark on our journey assessing celebrity smiles. Celebrities actually have a great influence on everyday lives with wannabe’s copycatting some or all aspects of their style. And people actually look to these celebs for “what’s new?” When it comes to their most noticeable feature – their smiles – they seem to have … Read more