Palateless Dentures

Dentures That Do Not Cover the Upper Palate Palateless dentures, also called palate-free dentures, involve prosthetics supported by devices like dental implants to provide patients with a better quality of life. For example, implant-supported overdentures not only replace missing teeth and restore oral function and design, but they feature an open palate design, unlike traditional … Read more

Can I Get Dental Implants Done on the NHS?

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Implants on the NHS: Criteria, Costs & Availability If you’ve researched well, you’ll know dental professionals consider dental implants the best tooth replacement method worldwide. You’ll also likely know that dental implants are the only long-lasting, permanent option for replacing missing teeth. But you’ll also likely know that the cost of dental implants in the … Read more

I had all on 4 implants – this is what it’s really like

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The Truth About The All-on-4 Experience Patient and guest blogger – Miranda Wheeler. I sat in a dental reception this time last year, eagerly awaiting my All-on-four restoration. Nine months on, I must say that my new permanent teeth have been great – an improvement compared to my experience with dentures. A non-existent lisp and … Read more

Best Dental Insurance for Implants

What a lost tooth can cost you

Finding Dental Insurance to Cover Implant Treatment for Missing Teeth As tooth implants are hugely considered by experts as the best tooth replacement available today, there’s no wonder why patients in 2022 are beginning to seek out insurance plans to protect them from future tooth loss. With no other missing teeth method available today that … Read more

Non-Implant Cheaper Tooth Replacement Options

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Non-Implant Cheaper Replacement Options: How do they Compare? Have you recently lost a tooth and don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are tired of wearing dentures and looking for better and cost-effective options or cheap implants? Your main tooth replacement options after an extraction or tooth loss are: Teeth implants (last forever) All … Read more

The Different Types of Dental Implants

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Different Kinds of Dental Implants and How to Choose One If you have missing teeth or just lost a tooth, you might already know that dental implants are the most advanced dental solution to replace gaps. But what type of tooth implant is the best? The most affordable and the longest lasting?  Highly recognised, top … Read more