Quiz: Do you need cosmetic dentistry?

do you need cosmetic dentistry

Deciding whether or not cosmetic dentistry is right for you can be difficult As cosmetic dentistry’s main purpose is to improve your appearance, it is not always an essential procedure, but more of a preferred one. This is because cosmetic dentistry is the fastest, most effective, durable and natural-looking way to makeover your smile. Collect … Read more

Smiles matter but what makes a nice smile?

Smiling is a heartwarming experience and we do it so unconsciously that we don’t truly realize the beneficial effects it has on us both psychologically and physically even in making us feel 10 years younger. To see someone smile at us or to smile back is truly a gift. But what is it about that … Read more

Your Hertfordshire Dentist’s Tips on your Smile

The Perfect Smile Studio

Our single most important feature is one we often pay little regard to – our smile! In the UK we spend over £200 million a year on surgery or cosmetic dentistry in a bid to look younger, but we often forget about the benefits of having a healthy smile. The appearance of a person’s teeth … Read more

Are Children’s School Eating Habits Affecting Their Oral Health?

Here at the Perfect Smile Studios we help to promote oral hygiene in Hertfordshire, as well as North London’s Harley Street. For those are less confident with their smile, we help to change this and can give you a smile makeover treatment. Find out more. After recent findings showed that a Mediterranean diet could help … Read more

Defy Ageing with a New Smile Makeover

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A fantastic new study conducted by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has made some interesting revelations. They have discovered that your smile can actually be your greatest asset! Also, it can be one feature of your ageing self that can defy the natural regression. What makes a person’s smile look youthful and full of … Read more

Britons Should Do More To Improve Oral Health

improve oral health

According to a new poll from marketing research company ICM, good health is one of the key factors that make Britons happy. Yet despite knowing how crucial good health is, many ignore taking the best care of their oral health. The survey polled more than 2,000 respondents and found that one in ten Britons was … Read more

Gum Disease In Pregnant Women Can Affect Baby’s Health

Pregnant women are well aware that their health can influence that of their unborn baby; this is why they should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the whole pregnancy period. However, very few of them know that a mother’s oral health is also of great importance to an unborn baby. A new study from … Read more

Tooth Decay Affects 27% Of Five-Year-Olds

The number of five-year-old children with tooth decay is falling. But in spite of that, over one in four children have the condition, figures released by Public Health England suggest. Based on 133,000 dental examinations in the UK, the Public Health England survey covered more than one-fifth of the nation’s five-year-olds. Results showed that the … Read more

Centenarians Have Better Teeth, Study Reveals

A new study in the Journal of the American Geriatric’s Society has suggested a connection between good oral health and achieving a longer life. The research found that centenarians – and their offspring – had better oral health than their birth cohorts who did not reach their 100th birthday. In fact, just under half (46%) … Read more