The teeth-tweakments that will make you look instantly younger and more attractive

Under 50? Quick treatments to achieve a better-looking smile  Are you thinking about improving your smile? Perhaps you are looking to make changes but do not wish to pursue heavy reconstructive procedures or full smile makeovers. Dentistry has adapted amazingly over the years to align better with patient needs and trends. And thankfully, cosmetic dentistry … Read more

Will Dental Veneers or Orthodontics create The Perfect Smile for you?

immediate veneers

 Cosmetic Dentistry vs Orthodontics – Make the right choice Many people feel embarrassed about their teeth, which often means they avoid smiling or speaking freely. Discover our teeth straightening systems.  When developing your smile transformation plan, there’s more to consider than your teeth’s outward appearance. It’s important for patients to take into consideration their … Read more

Do You Need A Smile Makeover?

These days the ‘ideal’ when it comes to stunning smiles seems to be set around the “Hollywood Smile” that often consists of perfectly straight unnatural-looking teeth set between full plum lips. However, achieving successful results and smile makeovers with your dentist in one of our practices in London, Hertfordshire and Essex has never been easier … Read more

Has Miley Cyrus had her teeth done?

Once again we embark on our journey assessing celebrity smiles. Celebrities actually have a great influence on everyday lives with wannabe’s copycatting some or all aspects of their style. And people actually look to these celebs for “what’s new?” When it comes to their most noticeable feature – their smiles – they seem to have … Read more

Perfect Smile Obsessed Celebs!

How much are image obsessed celebrities affected by their smiles? Multiple studies have now proven that a bad smile has a direct consequence on self-confidence and self –esteem. However, for those that are constantly in the public eye, this must be a point of serious contention. Your dentist in London will tell you that enhancement … Read more