Why Invisalign could be better than a facelift

veneer patient images

The Teeth Tweak Treatments That Can Change Your Face Whilst cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics have great benefits for your oral health and straighten teeth in half time, there’s more to this type of dentistry than you might know. There’s a secret side to the industry, and our Instagram famous dentists are here to reveal their … Read more

Veneers vs Braces

Veneers vs braces

What’s better: Veneers or braces? One of the most common questions our expert orthodontists and cosmetic dentists receive is “which is better – veneers or braces?” A difficult question to answer simply, it entirely relies on your unique orthodontic condition and the amount of time you are willing to commit to a procedure. Both procedures … Read more

The teeth-tweakments that will make you look instantly younger and more attractive

Under 50? Quick treatments to achieve a better-looking smile  Are you thinking about improving your smile? Perhaps you are looking to make changes but do not wish to pursue heavy reconstructive procedures or full smile makeovers. Dentistry has adapted amazingly over the years to align better with patient needs and trends. And thankfully, cosmetic dentistry … Read more

Cosmetic Dentists Say These Are the Most-Requested Celebrity Smiles

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The Most Asked For Smile Makeovers Many patients arrive at our clinic wanting to copy and achieve the same smiles as they have seen on social media or on their favourite celebrity. Beautifully white, bright and straight smiles are associated with signs of wealth, beauty, success and appeal. But as beauty is in the eye … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry Market Trends & Growth (2021)

Cosmetic dentistry market trends

How The Cosmetic Dentistry Market Keeps on Growing The Global cosmetic dentistry market is expected to rise to £25.16 billion by 2026 Patients are expected to receive better deals and prices as the market grows to make cosmetic procedures more accessible Alignment technology will see the biggest growth Shocking research shows that many of the … Read more

Get a Kate Middleton Smile with Special Micro-Rotation

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Get Kate Middleton’s Smile Earlier this summer, The Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Los Angeles at the end of her Canadian Royal tour with a transformation in her smile. It was gleaming and straight, unlike Hollywood’s perfectly straight and excessively white smiles. She had taken her smile from OK to red carpet ready. Did Kate … Read more

Dentists Turn Into Smile Transformers

A smile looks better if the teeth are bright and white. However, there are several factors that cause discolouration and teeth to look unattractive hence preventing you from achieving that ideal look. The dentists at The Perfect Smile Studios are turning into Smile Transformers with new-age techniques and systems. They look at the exact cause … Read more

You can have the perfect look with drill free dentistry

According to a recent YouGov survey 45% of adults in the UK are unhappy with their smile, 56% would consider treatment to improve their smile, and a quarter make a direct link between their teeth and self-esteem. These days people are not looking for suspiciously perfect teeth like gleaming white Hollywood nashers but something that … Read more

Extreme Makeovers Without the Extreme

When the UK Living TV first brought out the Extreme Makeover series, we were all ecstatic and excited to appear as the main dentists on the show. However, since that first launch and TV debut, much has changed within dentistry. Your questions answered. Nowadays, smile makeovers are constructed without the “Extreme” part in mind. Instead, … Read more