Adapting To Dentures

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If you have just been fitted for dentures, it can take a little while to adjust. Partial or full dentures, crowns and bridges can all cause difficulties in the everyday life of the wearer, and you may find that you need to adopt certain habits until you become used to them. As we get older … Read more

The Trouble With Tooth Loss

Doing nothing should never be an option when dealing with adult tooth loss — even if it’s just one and even if it’s a back tooth. The immediate effect is an unbecoming gap that can impact your self-image and willingness to smile. Boost your confidence with a Hollywood Smile Makeover. The longer nothing is done … Read more

Forget about lack of confidence – alternative to dental implants

EDENTULISM (TOOTHLESSNESS) IS A DEBILITATING PROBLEM THAT MODERN DENTISTRY CAN SOLVE IN SEVERAL WAYS.   Are you missing out on life because you can’t find the right treatment option for your missing teeth? People who have missing teeth need to have teeth replaced to be able to eat and speak properly. Also, if your tooth … Read more

Changing teeth at 60

Today, we saw a lovely gentleman called Henry for a complimentary consultation. He seemed like an anxious patient at first but we soon made him feel welcome and comfortable. He mentioned in our chat that he felt that he had left his teeth for so long that he wasn’t sure if there could be anything … Read more