How Much are Turkey Teeth?

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How Much Will Turkey Teeth Really Cost You? Many UK people consider flying to Turkey for treatments that will improve their smile cosmetically. For example, dental treatments and procedures like veneers and dental implants are being offered in Turkey for what people believe is half the price. But while we can agree that the price … Read more

Types of Veneers

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Types, Versions & Brands of Veneers As far as many patients are concerned, veneers are veneers; they don’t have different types, thicknesses or luminosity. But as cosmetic dentists who have dedicated much of their career to dental veneer applications, we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case. And if you’re thinking about starting the … Read more

Veneers – from cheap to expensive, all the types and costs

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Veneer Price Comparison – To The Point The cost of veneers throughout the UK will vary from dentist to dentist – however, knowing patients will likely want a reputable cosmetic dentist to place their veneers, we’ve included prices below charged by some of the best in the country. Veneer costs: The cheapest to the most … Read more

Dental Disasters – Dentist Warns Against Alarming Trends

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Please Don’t Attempt TikTok Dental Trends! Social media apps like TikTok and Instagram often reveal great hacks for those who want to look younger and save time and money. But social users should proceed with caution. Social media can be a great platform to spread information, but it can also be a great platform to … Read more

Cheap veneers – do they exist?

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Cheap Veneers UK: Can You Really Get Them? We’ve warned patients time and time again to avoid going abroad for their treatments.  We have had to reverse and correct many incorrectly performed procedures for patients trusting unregulated dentists abroad, which cost our patients so much more money than they would have originally spent coming to … Read more

How hating my smile for years held me back

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How hating my smile was destroying my life Anyone who feels insecure about their teeth will know how horrible it feels. Every time you laugh, you cover your face, every time you smile, you do so with your lips closed. And it’s these things that take away from being in the moment and enjoying it.  … Read more

I paid £80 a month for my dental veneers and I couldn’t be happier

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A real patient review Do you hate your smile? Are you embarrassed to open your mouth? Do you think no one will fancy you because of it? These were all emotions I experienced on a daily basis.  Of course, everyone has insecurities or parts of their body they are unhappy with. But, in my experience, … Read more

Star Quality Cosmetic Treatments: London’s Favourite Cosmetic Dentists

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Top, Famous Cosmetic Dentists in London & Hertfordshire Here at The Perfect Smile, we’re not just like any other private dental practice. We are one of the largest, most popular cosmetic clinics in the UK. With clinics across London and Hertfordshire, thousands of patients and celebrities trust us with their smiles every year. Our secret … Read more