Adult 6-Month Treatment Costs and prices

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Costs and prices for our six-month treatment plans

This bracket and wire treatment to correct misaligned teeth constitutes numerous systems that have infiltrated the market. For this reason, the fees are reflective of the type of system, product or technique chosen to correct the smile.

Fees can range from £2500 to £4000 depending on the number of arches treated.

(Prices start from an unbelievable £41.00 PCM)

Other factors that may affect the fees are:

Occasionally, some patients may require additional post-corrective care that includes, for example, bite guards. This will have an additional fee. We can provide additional care to all of our patients in all areas including Berkshire, Cambridgeshire & Essex.

At the Perfect Smile Studios, we will establish an agreed treatment plan after carrying out a highly detailed assessment of your teeth and dynamics of bite. This will highlight the best choices available to correct your smile. The treatment plan will then be tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Your fees will be inclusive of:

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