Clear Braces prices

How much are invisible braces?

There are numerous systems on the market that constitute clear aligner treatments. The fees for this type of teeth straightening treatment ranges from £41.00 per month.

Prices and Costs

The fee for any particular service is dependent upon any of the following:
  • The complexity of the required transformation. Patient cases that require substantial or more intricate dynamics of movement of teeth will involve a greater level of work.
  • Length of time for the corrective procedures. Treatments that take longer and need extensive work may be higher than those that are fairly straightforward. This can be down to underlying oral health concerns and issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, decalcification etc, which can cause severe problems to cosmetic solution successes.
  • Also, certain treatment plans may incorporate a combination of treatments either before, during or after the clear brace treatment. The final fee will reflect any agreed treatments.
  • The type of innovative material incorporated in the treatment.
  • The vital experience and skill of the relevant clinician and laboratory technician.
Before any suggestions for appropriate treatment, or before any choices have been made you will receive a detailed assessment. This will highlight the intended stages and the complexity of your particular case.
This will allow our orthodontists to provide a viable and recommended solution. We will also include teeth whitening treatments in your fee where appropriate.
To speak to a consultant about your clear braces plan, click here for your nearest clinic.

Adult 6-Month Treatment

This bracket and wire treatment to correct misaligned teeth constitutes numerous systems that have infiltrated the market. For this reason, the fees are reflective of the type of system, product or technique chosen to correct the smile. Fees can range from £2500 to £4000 depending on the number of arches treated.

Other factors that may affect the fees are:

  • Type of brackets, materials and wires used
  • The complexity of the corrective alignment procedure
  • Any additional adjustments. If additional treatments become necessary to create the optimal final result. These will be discussed with you beforehand.

Occasionally, some patients may require additional post-corrective care that includes, for example, bite guards. This will have an additional fee.

For the majority of post-corrective care, our patients visit us in Hertfordshire but you are welcome to come and visit our North London or South London clinic if you prefer.

At the Perfect Smile Studios, we will establish an agreed treatment plan after carrying out a highly detailed examination and assessment of your teeth, health, hygiene and dynamics of bite.

This will highlight the best choices available to correct your smile and determine the right steps moving forward. The treatment plan will then be tailored to your specific needs and budget. See payment options.

Your fees will be inclusive of:

The processes of receiving dental treatment:




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