Other Treatments and Invisalign

Can Invisalign be used with other treatments?

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The Orthodontic Examination and the 3D Digital software allow us to plan the entire treatment process accurately and predict the possible, potential outcomes.

The computer-simulated outcomes enable us to visualize the effects and benefits of integrating other dental treatments with Invisalign treatment. Hence we can ensure a high degree of predictability and accuracy.

The Invisalign treatment has been specifically designed to put the latest technologies and techniques in dentistry to work.

Therefore, Invisalign aligners can be used either before or after other dental treatments.

The decision will be made at the treatment planning stage.

What other options are there if I wanted to create a “perfect smile”?

Many Invisalign patients cases our orthodontists have carried out have often been paired with other different treatments.

There are several adjunct treatments that we can incorporate into your Invisalign treatment. Including:

We understand that these procedures can be nerve-wracking for anxious patients.

Call us on 01992 552115 and our consultants will be able to advise you on our practice policy and how we make our patients feel safe and comfortable.

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