Coloured Braces

In today’s dentistry, straightening teeth isn’t a drag. In fact, we’ve seen more and more teens (and even adults) be more excited about certain orthodontic treatments that help them straighten teeth faster and without the attached stigma.

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Like traditional, fixed metal braces, coloured braces are fixed to the teeth and take around 12-18 months to straighten teeth.

Coloured braces are for those who want to be brave and bold about their smile – even with braces, plus they show off your fun/fashionable side whilst your smile gradually moves into its correct position.

But with today’s modern orthodontic choices, are coloured braces the right choice? Let’s find out.

What are coloured braces?

They might be called coloured braces, but they’re actually made from metal. Instead, they get their name from the small elastic bands fitted to brackets, allowing for some colour.

Each tooth will be fitted with a metal bracket secured by dental cement, which will connect the brackets to the wire. Small bands will then hold this wire in place and will be tightened by your orthodontist in different places to gradually move the teeth into the correct alignment.

It will take 1-2 hours to fit braces, with check-ups every couple of weeks taking 20 minutes. Some discomfort can be felt during the tightening process as your teeth readjust. Treatment with coloured braces typically takes 18-24 months, depending, of course, on the severity of your case.

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What are your colour options?

Patients can browse their full colour options on a colour wheel at our dental office – but to give you a quick overview, here are your main choices:

  • White or tooth-coloured brackets
  • Grey and silver
  • Bright neon colours
  • Darker metallic shades
  • Glow-in-the-dark elastics
  • White braces can pick up stains and make teeth seem more discoloured.
  • Darker colours can make the teeth appear whiter.
  • Yellow and gold could look like stains and highlight yellow teeth more.
  • Colours like gold, violet, red, green, orange and pink (bright colours) suit darker skin tones and hair colours more.
  • Light blues, teals, soft reds and pinks suit lighter skin tones and hair colours.
  • You won’t be stuck with one colour of braces for your entire orthodontic treatment.
  • Patients can experiment with different colours and combinations.
  • Every colour of the rainbow is available.
  • Metal braces can be the best option for tough realignment cases.
  • Elastic ligatures can stain.
  • The tooth’s surface can become damaged during the debonding process.
  • Known to cause gum sensitivity as the brackets can be larger.
  • Make it more difficult to stay on top of your oral health.

What’s better?

Truthfully, we’re seeing metal orthodontic options become less and less popular because the emergence of aligner therapy has rocked the market and changed stigma and biases about orthodontics.

Teen patients and adults alike are excited by orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, which are invisible and removable. Teeth and oral health can become healthier through wearing them, plus they straighten teeth in half the time of conventional braces.

That said, they’re not your only fast orthodontic solution. Braces like Six Month Smiles and Lingual Braces, which share similar properties to metal braces, are still popular as they offer a degree of discreetness and straighten teeth much more quickly.

However, finding the right orthodontic device to correct misalignment should always begin with a consultation – let’s discover what’s best.

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