Removable Braces

Fixed Braces or Clear Aligners

In some instances, Fixed Braces or Clear Aligners may not be a suitable treatment option for you. In these instances, the dentist may choose to use Removable Braces. However, it is very much dependent upon your individual case.

Dentists usually select this type of treatment for children’s teeth straightening situations. It is particularly useful when there are significant bite changes required. Most adults are simply interested in the cosmetic improvement of the front teeth with little or no bite changes.

Removable Braces allow teeth to move without causing too much force to be applied. This is usually required in creating better bite function.

The appliances are made of a hard acrylic base that supports a wire and sometimes other components that work in certain ways and have specific actions.

These braces are known to be comfortable. They can easily be inserted into the mouth as well as removed with ease. They are to be removed during eating and cleaning, but all other times they must remain in the mouth.

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