Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating the perfect smile with you in mind

Cosmetic Dentistry

Finding the perfect cosmetic solution to your dental problem

A variety of treatment options are available for different types of problems, needs and wants.

We can also combine several of these options for you to give you, your smile to reflect your personality and the style of smile you prefer.

Appointments are available in Hertfordshire and London. Download Brochure.

Dr Rahul Doshi, the founder of The Perfect Smile Studios, has been voted as one of the TOP 50 most influential dentists in the country and awarded by his peers for his Outstanding Contribution to Cosmetic Dentistry.

Below are the variety of problems that you may want improving and the options that may be suitable to help.

Short, Worn or Broken Teeth

Attrition, Abrasion, Erosion: Multiple causes of unappealing worn teeth include an unbalanced bite, acidic food damage and/or grinding teeth
We can restore the appearance of worn or cracked teeth with strong, durable crowns or with veneers. We plan to prevent the causes of accelerated tooth structure loss and then re-establish the tissue.  Options | Worn Dentition

Overbite, Underbite & Overjet

Patients are concerned if their teeth have the appearance of an overbite, “underbite” or overjet.

There a variety of simple overbite treatments options that can improve your smile. Bite adjustment can improve your quality of life as the shape of your face is being distorted by your malocclusion or bad bite. Correcting an overbite.


We offer the latest treatment options for gum recession, unattractive gummy smiles and uneven gumlines.
We use advanced lasers to improve discolouration and whiten gums as well as fitting bespoke gum veneers to reinvigorate your smile. See gum contouring.


Understand the process of how we can design your smile by using our popular and effective treatments.
Our experienced dentists have overseen thousands of smile makeovers.
TWe proudly offer a wealth of treatments such as Dental Veneers and Implants.
We encourage our patients to be vocal and creative when discussing treatments.

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