Aesthetic dentistry has a way of putting teeth back into harmony. This directly influences the health of your teeth, facial muscles and jaw joints.

There are essentially 2 ways that cosmetic work can help you to stay healthy:

Ability to chew properly

Front teeth have an important part to play when eating food. They are used for cutting up food before the back teeth grind the food into smaller bits.

This process of chewing food aids the proper digestion of food before it enters your stomach. Hence your smile teeth are very useful in the assimilation process of food for nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Those people that are unable to use their front teeth for various reasons (such as missing teeth or misaligned teeth) find that they tend to have more digestive problems that those with straighter teeth or teeth in better positions. Teeth that are in the correct position consequently also contribute to a nicer smile.

Stable Dentition

When teeth are in the correct position especially in the front of the mouth, they provide certain protective guiding movements of the jaw. This phenomenon is called Anterior Guidance. A harmonious anterior guidance provides protection against excessive tooth wear, fracturing or weakening of teeth thus maintaining your ability to chew and teeth to look healthy.

A corrective anterior guidance also alleviates unnecessary pressure on the tonicity of your facial muscles. This means that your facial muscles have the ability to relax properly as well as contract correctly. The tonicity of your facial muscles affects how wide or narrow your face looks.

This again contributes to the aesthetic appearance of your overall face, mouth, teeth and smile.

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