Complete Care Aesthetics – Simple cosmetic options to improve your smile

At The Perfect Smile Studios we are dedicated to complete care dentistry that uses a combination of dental disciplines to treat the whole mouth. This means you ultimately have teeth that feel great; that work as they should, that have been restored comfortably and conservatively; and that look amazing!

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Complete care dentistry starts with one of our Signature Comprehensive Complete Care Assessments, where we can evaluate the most suitable choices for you.

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Treatment options for Smiles with Decay, Small Teeth, Crowns and Denture

Decayed Teeth

Tooth decay (Caries) is a common dental problem that requires treatment. If you have visible teeth that look unsightly due to caries and breakdown we can help you to restore your teeth and re-enhance your smile.

Short, Worn or Fractured Teeth

The multiple causes of worn teeth include an unbalanced bite, acidic food damage, teeth grinding or lack of back teeth. As a consequence, we would need to plan to prevent and then re-establish the loss of tooth tissue to create aesthetic yet functional restorations.


Crowns can be used to protect compromised teeth that have been previously heavily filled. Crowns are usually designed using a palette of tooth colours, which means the strength and appearance of our porcelain crowns is excellent.


We are proud to provide the ultimate in dentures. Because we understand what really makes a great smile, we can create really natural and pleasing looking dentures. We use the best materials and skilled technicians who have an "artistic eye" in making false teeth look real.

Micro Bonding

There are several factors to dentistry that allow us to enhance smiles and teeth using a combination of several technologies and advanced systems. This has created even more choice for the patient resulting in easily achievable enhanced smiles.

Enamel Contouring

Sometimes minor adjustments on your front teeth can have significant enhancing effects on the overall smile. Some people may find that they want to be super conservative and not have extensive work done to their teeth but still would like some simple improvements.

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