Crooked Teeth – Teeth Straightening procedures

If you dislike the appearance of your teeth because they are overcrowded or crooked looking then a great conservative option would be invisible braces. These include short-term adult orthodontic solutions that only take six months to complete.

Alternatively, other popular choices include smile makeovers using veneers that not only straighten the teeth but can also improve the colour of your teeth.

There are three classifications of crooked teeth: mild, moderate and severe. Each type of severity creates different methods of treatment:

Mild crowding: dental veneers (including direct and indirect veneers, or composite and porcelain veneers) and short term orthodontic treatment (including Invisalign Go, CFast and 6 Month Smiles) or conventional orthodontics.

Moderate crowding: dental veneers (including primarily indirect veneers such as porcelain veneers) and short term orthodontic treatment (including Invisalign, CFast and 6 Month Smiles) or conventional orthodontics.

Severe crowding: dental veneers ( with indirect porcelain veneers preferably after some type of orthodontics)and short term orthodontic treatment (including CFast and 6 Month Smiles) or conventional orthodontics.

Complex crowding occurs where there is a combination of moderate or severe crowding with either other issues such gaps between teeth, bite issues ( with large overjet or overbite), narrow smiles and structural teeth issues. In this case the treatment is also complex.

The severity of crowding is determined by a variety of ways which includes measuring the crowding manually with a periodontal probe, or digitally with programs such as Spacewise or if thinking of Invisalign treatment with their ”clincheck”.

The treatment of crooked teeth is often for cosmetic reasons but can improve the ease of cleaning thus helping reduce potential gum issuers and decay.

To understand the ideal method of treatment for each patient it is best to sasses the structural health of the teeth, the bite, the appearance with a clinical examination, photographs, models and appropriate radiographs.

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Straighter teeth in less time: Options

Long lasting Dental Veneers

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Complete Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover redesigns a new enhanced and improved smile. Our technology and state-of-the-art advanced systems ensures that we create beautiful natural looking teeth.More.

Range of Veneers

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Veneers allow you to change the appearance, color, shape, and form of teeth. More.

Immediate Micro Bonding

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The Perfect Smile Studios offers a revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought - Six Month Smiles® that utilizes nearly invisible clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months.More.

Clear Braces including Invisalign

Clear Braces are the alternative to braces for teeth. It uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-molded to fit you for teeth straightening.

The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you'll be proud of.More.

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