Gummy smile treatment

Too much gum when you smile? Feel like they’re constantly on display? Do you have short teeth too that further impact the overall aesthetics of your smile?

Gum Lifts & Lasers for Gum Reduction from £450

When there are three to four millimetres of exposed gums, dentists refer to the smile as ‘gummy’ or ‘excessive gingival display’ because it is disproportionate to the rest of the smile. As experts in creating beautiful cosmetic smiles, we know all too well patients’ insecurities about their gummy smiles or short teeth. But not to worry—at The Perfect Smile Studios, we offer a range of straightforward gummy smile treatments, most of which are minimally invasive.

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Gummy smile treatments take one appointment

The benefit of our experience and techniques means we often apply unique approaches to great gummy smiles at our clinic in Hertford.

Once we discover why your smile is gummy, we can prescribe the right combination of treatments that provide the perfect results the first time around with no pain and little healing time.

It’s also important to note that gum reduction and gum lift treatments are permanent and non-reversible – you’ll never have to worry about your gums growing back.

Gummy smile treatment options

Learn about the different ways we achieve gum reduction with and without surgery.

Surgical gum lifts and contouring

In instances, where too much gum is covering your teeth, a gingivectomy might be recommended. A gingivectomy is a dental procedure more commonly known as gum contouring, which will remove any excess gum tissue.

The procedure is completed under local anaesthetic making it painless. Once the gums have been effectively numbed, they’ll be ready to be gently refined and reshaped, revealing a new teeth surface. This gummy smile treatment will only take one session; however, patients might be invited back in a week later to make sure everything is healing as planned.

Laser gum lift and contouring

Gum lasering is typically the most common solution for those with gummy smiles. Laser dentistry is highly effective at removing excess gum from the teeth as the laser is a precise tool to reshape the gums and contour them to bring them into better proportion to the teeth.

With the laser, the blood vessels are sealed automatically, which helps to reduce any swelling or bleeding following the treatment. That said, the procedure is practically pain-free, with more discomfort being felt after the procedure, which will only take an hour to complete. More.

Veneers or composite bonding

If we use veneers or composite bonding, we’ll be taking a non-invasive route to improving the balance between your teeth and gums. With custom-made veneers, we can make the teeth appear larger as the shells fit snuggly on top of your existing teeth.

The veneer process typically takes three weeks with the veneers being placed in one appointment once they’re ready. Composite bonding or composite veneers are much more immediate and uses resin to build up the shape and length of the teeth. More.

Other treatments for gummy smiles

Depending on the reason for your gummy smile, other fields of dentistry might be prescribed to improve the tooth-to-gum ratio.

For example, one reason for excessive gingival display is orthodontic issues related to the jaws or teeth. So, in some cases, gummy smiles can be corrected with orthodontic appliances alone.

In other instances, surgeries like crown-lengthening might be advised to lengthen the crown of the teeth that haven’t fully erupted. With this procedure, gum, tissue and bone are removed to expose more of the tooth.

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Recovery and healing time

Gum lift procedures are straightforward and require very little healing or downtime.

Eating soft foods for 2-3 days following the procedure is recommended to aid recovery. Depending on the extent of their surgery, some patients can heal within a few days or weeks.

Is gum lifting or gum contouring ever medically necessary?

Gum contouring and gum lift surgery are often completed for cosmetic purposes – however, there are certain instances where they become a medical necessity.

For example, patients suffering from gum disease (periodontal disease) will be prescribed laser gum contouring as a treatment option to restore gum health and kill the bacteria.

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