What are the cosmetic treatment options to create your perfect smile?

A variety of treatment options are available for different types of problems, needs and wants. We can also combine several of these options for you to give you, your smile to reflect your personality and the style of smile you prefer.

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Crooked Teeth

Smile Makeover


Micro Bonding

6-Month Smiles

Clear Braces

Discoloured Teeth

Smile Makeover

Smile Mini-Makeover


Teeth Whitening

Gaps in Teeth


Dental Bridges

Smile Makeover


Snap on Smile


Other Dental Problems

Decayed Teeth

Short or Worn Teeth


Gum Reshaping

Gum Plastic Surgery

Gum Veneers

Gum Whitening

Above are the variety of problems that you may want improving and the options that may be suitable to help.

There are many situations that do not make a smile look correct such as gaps be teeth, crooked teeth, tooth decay, discoloured teeth, worn down teeth or where there are issues with the appearance of the gums.

Each situation may have a variety of options to consider.

Factors to consider as to which option may be most suitable for you include :

  1. The ability to achieve the desired smile
  2. The predictability of the result
  3. The timeline for the treatment including the length of each appointment and time between appointments
  4. The treatment fee
  5. The possibility of any discomfort and potential time off required from work
  6. The disadvantages of the treatment
  7. The long term success
  8. The effect if any on the teeth
  9. Previous results of each option
  10. Any contra indications to treatment

Having some of these factors to consider will allow you to make an informed decision as the preferred treatment choice of any.

This occurs after an initial consultation, full assessment of the teeth and mouth, taking diagnostic records and planning the treatment.

It is advisable to bring a family member or friend to these visits to help you make the correct decision.

It is also advisable to allow time to reflect on the options and come back for secondary complimentary consultation to ask further questions about any of the options provided.

We can discuss the ideal option for you at a complimentary consultation and plan the treatment correctly after performing a comprehensive examination.

We want you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the variety of modern treatment modalities available before deciding on the course of treatment.

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