Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth Are a Common Problem in the UK.

Fix Short, Worn, or Fractured Teeth

Worn, eroded teeth are mostly a problem for older patients. Whilst it’s natural for teeth to wear as you get older when teeth become shorter and darker, it’s more of a cause for concern. Worn teeth are not always something to be overly worried about. Here at The Perfect Smile, we can treat and prevent further tooth loss once the cause has been identified. We see this type of problem very often and can offer patients a range of dental treatments, including crowns, veneers or composite bonding.

Guide to worn teeth

Being unhappy with the shape of teeth is a common concern for many dental patients, whether they’re uneven or sharp-looking. But thankfully, our talented cosmetic dentists have simple, fast, and excellent procedures that can create the tooth shape you desire.

Whether you want to eliminate vampire teeth permanently or temporarily, there are many routes our dentists can take to provide you with a smile that makes you happy.

Symptoms And Signs

Worn teeth are when the outer surfaces of the teeth (enamel and/or dentine) are lost due to the wear and tear that teeth undergo.

Signs of worn teeth:

  • Chipped and shorter teeth
  • Lots of present wear
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Teeth appear more translucent
What Causes Them?

There are certain factors that can exacerbate this irreversible loss leading to increased reduction of tooth substance.

The loss of tooth substance (enamel and dentine) may be as a result of mechanical factors such as an unbalanced bite, teeth worn down from grinding (bruxism), jaw problems or lack of back teeth and hence increased chewing forces on the front teeth.

Alternatively, it may be caused by chemical factors such as acid damage with acidic foods and drinks.

In most cases, there are usually both mechanical and chemical factors present which can cause many further dental problems.

Types Of Tooth Wear
  • Attrition: This is when tooth wear occurs due to some mechanical interference causing an incorrect unstable tooth-to-tooth contact. The two teeth then wear each other away until the causative factor is removed. An example of attrition is when people unconsciously grind their teeth.
  • Abrasion: This is when an external abrasive substance or material causes teeth to wear down. An example of this is toothpaste and toothbrushes.
  • Erosion: This is when a chemical erodes the surface of teeth causing them to wear away. An example of this would be acidic foods, drinks and carbonated beverages.
How To Reverse Worn Teeth

Treatments & procedures:

  • Crown restorations: As a crown covers an entire tooth the treatment will conceal any imperfections caused by short and uneven teeth. Dental crowns are thick caps that are positioned on top of damaged teeth, which cover, preserve and protect the underlying tooth. Materials to choose from include porcelain, resin, metals and ceramic.
  • Veneer applications: Thinner than a crown, a veneer covers the front surface of the tooth rather than the whole tooth. Acting similarly to a crown, the veneer is used to conceal any imperfections without altering the existing tooth.
  • Bonding: Tooth coloured composite resin that is used on one or more teeth to repair the damage – notably cheaper than other cosmetic dental procedures.
Problems Worn Teeth Cause

Short, worn teeth can tend to be an aesthetic issue, but as it progresses it can begin to affect your bite and even contribute to the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), which on its own causes headaches, neck and back pain.

Once you have worn through the outer enamel layer on your teeth, you will find yourself in the softer layer, called dentine.

Those who are at this stage will find their teeth wearing down at a much quicker rate. Tooth loss can be common.

What’s more, if left untreated, worn teeth can lead to further deterioration and long-term problems. This includes increased tooth sensitivity, infection, and difficulties with tooth restoration/fillings/ crowns in the future.

If the issue is left too long, then patients can find future treatments more costly and complex.

These issues could have otherwise been prevented.

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