Do I really need a crown?

Crown Treatments are Designed to Help You

There are various conditions in which a Crown treatment would be recommended to you. This usually has to do with the original tooth having a deficiency of some nature.

A Crown overcomes this discrepancy and restores the tooth back to proper aesthetics and functioning. We can carry out all our teeth repair treatments at our Hertford clinic.

Benefits of a Crown:

If the teeth can benefit from any of the above then this treatment will be recommended. Do I really need a crown or filling?

The diagnosis as to whether a crown is needed or not is usually made after a thorough and comprehensive assessment.

The main aspects that need to be looked at are:

It is the combined information collected from the clinical examination that results in the diagnosis and treatment plan.

If a plan of action were to include a crown or crowns it would be as a result of two or more of the above contributing factors. Find out more about our dental crown procedure.

Questions patients have about crowns :

There are a number of techniques we use to ensure that you are very comfortable throughout the treatment and subsequent to it.

Any treatment that is recommended for you by our dentists is dependent upon your individual circumstances.

We follow strict protocols to ensure you experience no pain at all. There should be no reason why any treatment should hurt you. It does not matter whether we are doing a filling, a crown or a root canal treatment.

We normally say approximately 10 years. However, when we carry out any treatment on your teeth we do so in a way that has the longevity of the treatment in mind.

There are many variables that determine how long a particular treatment like crowns lasts. This is because the mouth is a dynamic environment and is in a constant mode of change.

In the past crowns have been made of gold alloy, tin alloy, stainless steel, metal-ceramic combinations and various types of all porcelain crowns.

In most instances, we do recommend that a tooth be restored with a crown after having undergone root canal treatment.

Whether a crown is advised on front teeth or not is dependent upon the amount of natural tooth remaining after the root canal treatment.

Crowns offer a different advantage to fillings. They are both chosen for different reasons. Therefore we cannot say that a crown is necessarily better than a filling or conversely that a filling is better than a crown.

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