Are dental crowns permanent?

Are dental crowns permanent?

Nothing lasts forever. However, we follow strict protocols to ensure that crowns last as long as physically possible. Many variables determine how long crowns last, like how well you care for them following the procedure.

Factors affecting how long a crown lasts

Correct assessments and planning

It is important to undergo a detailed assessment prior, which will check the structural integrity of teeth, which need protection; if there are any missing; the dynamics of your chewing; and whether you need a smile analysis.

The Right treatment

We need to ensure we choose the correct treatment, technique, material and brand, which will be dependent upon your clinical exam as well as lifestyle.

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Once treatment is over, you must continue to attend regular check-ups. The dentist can check for any changes, decay or infection in these appointments. With routine exams, we can ensure we intervene at the right time to boost the longevity of your procedure.

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