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10 Years Younger with Facial Aesthetics

The skin is the largest organ we have and the most visible.

It can be affected by age and a variety of ailments. The facial skin is the part of your skin that is the most looked at by others and the most visible.

For this reason most facial rejuvenation and aesthetic treatments are anti-aging.

At The Perfect Smile Studios we can design a personal plan for facial aesthetics and rejuvenation treatments and help to prescribe a preventative skincare regime.

What is Facial Aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics is essentially any treatment that enhances the look of your facial skin.

This can be using enhancement treatments or anti-aging rejuvenation treatments.The treatments can temporarily suspend or even reverse the signs of aging.

There will always be visibly reduced lines and wrinkles.

In the Perfect Smile dental clinic we work together with a team of Harley Street Plastic Surgeons and dentists who are highly skilled in creating personalised anti-aging skincare plans.

Areas of the face for treatment:

Treatments include:

What does the treatment involve?

Most facial treatments are either carried out superficially on the skins surface or via injections with fine needles.

The aesthetic clinician will need to assess your skin to determine whether the muscles are causing the skin lines to form or whether the skin has lost its collagen and elasticity.

Surface of skin

Certain treatments like microdermabrasion. Skin peels and laser therapy are carried out on the surface of the skin.

Their mode of action relates to increasing blood supply or skin cell renewal. The objective is to establish newer and younger skin by retexturing or removing the outer skin layer. This mode of treatment reveals fresher younger skin below.

Action on muscles

Often, contraction of the muscles of facial expression causes certain parts of the facial skin to continually fold.

This ultimately creates unwanted ageing lines and wrinkles. The key to this cause is to relax the excessively contracting muscles.

The treatment usually involves injecting facial muscles with Botox. Specific muscles are then rendered inactive and hence the lines have an opportunity to flatten out and the skin can repair itself.

Fill in spaces between facial tissue

As the skin ages it loses its structural matrix that holds it firm.

There are many components of skin that decrease with age including collagen, hyaluronic acid and elasticity. As they reduce the skin begins to look deflated. There are treatments involved that help to plump up the skin and fill in the spaces thus rejuvenating the skin.

It will help to restore the subtle contours of the face and create a natural look.

Are these treatments safe?

At The Perfect Smile Studios we place huge importance on hand-picking aesthetic surgeons and aesthetic treatments that have been well-researched and are based on clinical studies.

We employ Harley Street Plastic Surgeons to carry out the latest in facial aesthetic treatment. For this reason the treatments recommended have demonstrated a consistent safe record.

Do facial treatments hurt?

Any facial treatment you opt for will be carried out in a comfortable pain-free way. These treatments are non-invasive and so you can resume normal activities often immediately after treatment.

How long will the treatments last?

Most treatments will last for an average of 6-8 months. However, your aesthetic clinician will advise you according to the treatment you choose.

How do I know which treatments are the most appropriate for me?

In this modern day of aesthetics and enhancements, there are a phenomenally huge amount of products and treatment available to choose from.

In fact, this often becomes the new difficulty – which product to use and which one is correct for you.

At the perfect smile clinic we have made this task easier for you and demystified Facial Aesthetic treatments.

Our clinicians will create personalised programs to suit your individual needs and skin requirements.

This plan of action will help you to develop the skincare regime and aesthetic appeal that restores your confidence in your facial aesthetics.

You will be advised as to the most appropriate systems that will create the optimal results for you.

This will be discussed beforehand in a relaxed consultation.

What happens if my needs change?

Your aesthetic dentist will modify your treatment program depending on your needs and requirements.

This means you can take advantage of new innovations or techniques as you skin changes with age.

You can opt for individual treatments or you can be place on a treatment program after thorough assessment of your skin.

There are essentially 3 programs available that will meet any of your criteria:

The Anti-Aging Program

This is the staring treatment plan which can incorporate a combination of treatments.

The Rejuvenation Program

This is where you are placed on a treatment plan to maximise the quality of the facial skin as well as removing lines and wrinkles.

The Refresher Program

This is where you can maintain your looks and facial aesthetics.

We offer FREE Imaging for Facial Aesthetics and Smiles

“For best results we can take the picture for you and then do the perfect smile imaging on the photographs we take.”

Imaging of face and a natural smile makeover

Imaging of smile and full face

Imaging of full face

Imaging of forehead and eyes

Imaging of face and neck

What do I do if I want to see myself visually enhanced?

All you do is send us a photograph of your smile (a front face picture with you smiling showing your teeth – as shown in examples above). You can email it to us at care@theperfectsmile.co.uk

How do I get my personalised facial rejuvenation plan?”

“The first step is to organise a consultation appointment for you to discuss your requirements and your aims for your facial appearance. The aesthetic clinicians will then help you to formulate a way forward that meets with your expectations and fulfils your objectives.

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