All on Six, is like All on 4, except that it uses an additional two implants when there is not enough bone to stabilise your final prosthetic.

Full mouth dental implants that are more secure

All-on-4 is the standard treatment, using four implants anchored into the jaw to hold a dental bridge. Whereas All on 6 differs by the number of implants placed in the jaw for extra security.  All-on-6 rehabilitates an entire upper or lower jaw of missing teeth using six implants and a bridge. Using titanium implants that easily integrate into the jaw allows for replacing 10-14 teeth per arch.

All on 4 implant offer

Understanding All-on-6

All on 6 Advantages
  • Provides immediate results with temporary-loaded teeth after surgery
  • Restores biting and chewing capabilities through the use of a non-removable, fixed bridge lasting over 20 years
  • Short three-month recovery period with patients never experiencing sore spots or denture slippage again
  • Work just like natural teeth – and patients can eat whatever they like
  • Simpler and faster than the conventional dental implant procedure
All on 4 vs All on 6
  • Two extra implants for strength and stability
  • Pressure is more evenly distributed when biting down
  • Reported to be more comfortable
All on 6 Cost

Costing slightly more than All on 4, patients can expect costs to differ between two and four thousand pounds, making the treatment cost typically around £18,000. Available on 0% finance and longer terms extending to 60 months (14.9% interest-bearing).

The All on 6 procedure

Every dental implant journey begins with a consultation. Even though the procedure does not require abundant bone, we will still need to check the density with scans and the overall health of your gums before placement.

During the consultation, we will explain the procedure fully and introduce you to alternative procedures like All on 4 so you can make an informed decision.

Patients can have both jaws fitted in one day. In some cases, we might fit four implants in the lower jaw and six implants in the upper jaw. 

If you’re ready to go ahead, we will schedule your surgery, which will typically take 3-4 hours per jaw. Patients can opt for local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia and dental sedation if they’re particularly nervous. 

Six screws will be fitted into your jawbone. Once in place, we will fit an overdenture, a temporary restoration made of resin – this will differ from your final restoration, which is custom-made, lighter and better fitting. The final prostheses are fitted typically three to six months post-surgery, once a specific amount of healing has occurred.

Check Your Suitability

Everyone is a great candidate for All on Six, which cannot be said for conventional dental implants. All-on-6 is specifically targeted at patients who need a whole arch of teeth replaced and are looking for a fixed, permanent alternative to regular dentures.

As All on Six is stronger, providing extra strength in the jaw, they are better for patients who lead particularly active lifestyles and want to experience better eating and chewing.

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