Innovation and Technology for Excellent Investigation and Diagnosis

Substantial and incredible advancements 

In recent years, there have been some substantial and incredible advancements within the dental industry with dentists seeing dramatic changes in treatments and the technology used.

This means that we are able to provide more effective treatments, for more patients, faster.

Although there is a wide range of new technology available in the dental world, we have invested time, money and energy into selecting only the most optimal dental technologies.

These devices are able to amplify the longevity of treatments carried out at the Perfect Smile Studios. Additionally, we have equipment to increase your comfort and make your treatment more enjoyable - see the Nucalm shown below. See also our Trios 4 intraoral scanner.

Our dentists can then help create healthy, beautiful smiles built on a sound foundation. We only use the best dental technology available.

We have tried and tested most of the latest innovations in considerable detail. Only then have we selected the appropriate technologies for your comfort and care.

We may use the technology listed blow during our comprehensive examination, periodontal consultation, implant consultation, orthodontic consultation and hygiene consultation.


This is an amazing solution to calm your anxiety in a safe and natural way. NuCalm technology allows you to reach a meditative state of relaxation without the use of narcotics or controlled medication. It has been proven to be highly effective and successful in dental treatments.

Digital CT Scan

Advanced HD 3D technology giving supreme quality low radiation imagery with exceptional diagnostic clarity in all areas of dentistry. This allows for better accuracy during treatment planning and treatment procedures.

Advanced Laser Dentistry

We are very fortunate to have a wide range of advanced dental lasers at our convenience. This means that we can select the appropriate tools to create more accurate, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing dentistry. It also means that we are able to offer a wide range of treatment procedures that otherwise would not have given us a higher degree of predictability and control.


The T-Scan® system is a special piece of advanced technology that allows us to accurately measure and visually assess your bite. It helps clinicians to identify premature bite contacts, high forces and the interrelationship of occlusal surfaces.
A better understanding of the dynamics of your chewing, speaking and jaw movements help in restoring your mouth in a stable and harmonious way. This leads to more accurate treatment with fewer problems in the future.

Oral Cancer Screening

We offer all our patients a complimentary oral cancer screening during their examination appointments using the latest technology to help facilitate our diagnosis. We use various methods including a device called VELscope Vx which is not readily available in all practices. This service is also available at no cost to your family and friends.

Digital Radiographs (X-Rays)

Our advanced digital x-ray system creates high definition 2D and 3D images that enables greater accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning. The high-resolution detailed images are easily viewed within intuitive software enabling you to have a better understanding of your condition. These radiographs can be viewed immediately without any delay to treatment or advice.

Dental Operating Microscope.

This advanced operating microscope has first-class optical components with a lens system that incorporates brilliant three dimensional and precise optics resulting in high-resolution images. Greater clarity during procedures results in higher precision enabling greater accuracy of treatment. This enables you to have longer-lasting and more comfortable dentistry.

Intraoral Camera

This is a tiny camera that is used in the mouth to transmit close up images of all aspects of your mouth. It helps in clearer diagnosis and a better understanding of what is happening in your mouth. This, in turn, facilitates treatment and its prognosis. It is also a useful device for you to be able to also see aspects of your mouth you would otherwise not be able to see.

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)

This is a simple non-invasive device that provides an accurate measurement of your jaw joints. It is essential to study these joints prior to any extensive treatment so that your biting patterns remain harmonious and stable. This means that your dentistry is likely to last longer in the absence of any excessive biting forces.

Air Abrasion

This is an alternative tool for the dental drill during procedures like removing dental decay. It is very quiet and comfortable and enables dentistry to be carried out without the associated “drill” sound. It also has many other intricate uses that make for longer-lasting dentistry in procedures that require micro-abrasion of surfaces.

Ultrathin Veneers

This advanced cutting edge innovation enables smiles to be created without the need for drilling. These contact lens-thin veneers are bonded to the outer enamel surfaces creating aesthetic long-lasting veneers. It is a great solution if you are looking to enhance your smile in a preservative and conservative manner.

Digital Smile Designing

This state of the art technique enables you to be more involved the designing, production and outcome of the final new smile. You are able to see your choice of smile in your facial frame before you commit to any actual treatment. The technology enables precise communication with the laboratory and the patient, resulting in a new smile makeover that is both predictable and perfect for your mouth.

Trial Smile Designing

This amazing technique enables you to have absolute control of your resulting final smile. It is a smile that is almost exact to your final result which you can “try-out” for a few days so that you can see if that is your perfect smile. If necessary we can then make any alterations to the smile based upon your feedback. We can guarantee that we will never fit your final teeth without prior approval from you of your Trial Smile. Hence you are now in the drivers seat when it comes to how your final smile will look.

Smile Imaging Designs

This unique technology allows us create images to enhance your smile in any way that you want so that you can see the changes occur before any actual treatment to your teeth. This helps you to get a better understanding of the range of choices for smile improvements that are possible for you. You can see what minimal dentistry can achieve as well as more comprehensive options.

If you would like more information on any of the above technologies then please call us on 01992 552115 or alternatively, book in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs further.

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