25% Of Brits Plan To Have Their Teeth Whitened For Their Wedding Day

July 1, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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For most people, their wedding day is one full of excitement and a bit of anxiety, but it is the build up to the actual event that causes most headaches.

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There is a long list of things to prepare, including having a teeth whitening procedure for many soon-to-be brides and grooms. As well as teeth whitening, the Perfect Smile Studios offer gum whitening in SG14 and W14. Find out more.

It may sound unexpected, but for many people having a whiter smile is a priority for their wedding day, according to a recent poll by Bupa Dental.

Preparing for the big day

The survey found that 27% of women who are about to get married plan to have their teeth whitened before the big day. Discover the methods our team uses for teeth whitening. Click here for methods in London.

The proportion of future husbands planning the procedure came in at 20%. Compared to three years ago, the number of those planning to go through the procedure has more than doubled, the survey found.

Is teeth whitening safe?

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Teeth whitening is becoming a very popular procedure, not just among brides and grooms, but for the general population as a whole. The procedure is becoming safer and more affordable and this means more patients are considering it as an option. Read more.

Cosmetically brighten your smile with teeth whitening

The survey also showed that more than four in five dentists have reported a rise in the number of patients looking for a teeth whitening procedure before they get married.

For most-brides-to-be, appearance plays a crucial role on their wedding day, with almost 60% of them citing it as their top priority. Because of their concerns regarding their smile on the big day, one in ten brides and grooms also plan to have their teeth straightened, Bupa Dental found. Check out our teeth straightening systems.

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