5 top ways a Smile Makeover can change your life

March 7, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Extreme Makeover UK

During our work on the Living TV series Extreme Makeover UK, we were fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and carry out smile makeovers on them.

Smile Makeovers are enhancements using various aspects of aesthetic dentistry to improve the way the teeth appear. The treatments can be varied and range from simple mini-makeovers to full comprehensive smile makeovers.

Years later when we see the people we have worked on, they often talk about the amazing impact that their perfect smile had on their lives.

Smile Makeover by Perfect Smile

Top ways

  1. Achieve the Perfect Smile. Of course, you get to achieve the smile of your dreams too. We do this via our “Trial Smile” technique, which lets you try out your new smile before getting fitted with the real deal.
  2. Longer lasting teeth. Amongst dental professionals it is not new news that straighter teeth are easier to clean. Therefore, you also get better cleaning ability and care of your teeth from a smile where the teeth are made straighter using smile design techniques. This will help you to keep your teeth for longer.
  3. Feel good about YOU. Statistics and studies have proven that a great looking smile can increase your confidence and self-esteem. We have seen this occur in a multitude of patients who have had cosmetic work done with us. Its truly amazing to see the difference it makes to people in their every day lives.
  4. Eliminate harmful bite factors. A better looking smile, if done correctly and all other factors of your mouth and functioning are taken into account, can do wonders for whole of your mouth. For example, tiny discrepancies in your bite can be removed by having a thorough bite analysis done prior to any smile makeover. This has the benefit of removing excessive harmful pressures that your teeth can generate on each other and thus making your teeth less likely to break or fracture. All smile makeovers done at the Perfect Smile Studios are carried out taking the bite into consideration to create harmonious teeth.
  5. Get healthy. At the Perfect Smile Studios, we are dedicated to creating beautiful smiles that are based on a sound and healthy foundation. For this reason, we create programs that incorporate a personalized health regime and home care plan. So getting your new smile means getting back to health as well.

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