Smiles matter but what makes a nice smile?

Smiling is a heartwarming experience and we do it so unconsciously that we don’t truly realize the beneficial effects it has on us both psychologically and physically even in making us feel 10 years younger. To see someone smile at us or to smile back is truly a gift. But what is it about that … Read more

Combining teeth protection with advanced dentistry – Is the future here?

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Japanese scientists are paving the way for futuristic teeth that are free from decay. They have developed a microscopic coating for teeth that prevents dental decay from deteriorating teeth – it may also make these teeth appear whiter! Professor Shigeki Hontsu at Kinki University in western Japan says, “This is the world’s first flexible apatite … Read more

How Important is success to a dentist

Today our delegate dentists and their teams on our Advanced Training Course will be fitting the final smiles on all the patients. I know it’s going to be an emotional day. It usually is because this is the day these patients are finally going to get the smile they have always wanted but have delayed … Read more

The Perfect Smile Institute

The Perfect Smile Studio

The Perfect Smile Institute We are looking forward to the last 2 days of the spring Advanced Training Course held at The Perfect Smile Institute. We have a great dentists and their teams, and a really good agenda for some innovative strategies on creating beautiful looking teeth for our patients. Who do we teach and … Read more

41% of people never show their teeth

Do you hate showing your teeth off especially in photos? Are you looking for a cost-effective and fast teeth straightening solution? We may have a perfect solution for a perfect smile, that’s perfect for you. Say “Hello” to a great new innovative orthodontic treatment that is taking the UK with a smile – Six Month … Read more

Get a Kate Middleton Smile with Special Micro-Rotation

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Get Kate Middleton’s Smile Earlier this summer, The Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Los Angeles at the end of her Canadian Royal tour with a transformation in her smile. It was gleaming and straight, unlike Hollywood’s perfectly straight and excessively white smiles. She had taken her smile from OK to red carpet ready. Did Kate … Read more

Your Hertfordshire Dentist’s Tips on your Smile

The Perfect Smile Studio

Our single most important feature is one we often pay little regard to – our smile! In the UK we spend over £200 million a year on surgery or cosmetic dentistry in a bid to look younger, but we often forget about the benefits of having a healthy smile. The appearance of a person’s teeth … Read more

What is The Perfect Smile?

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People talk about ‘The Perfect Smile’, but exactly what this constitute ? Many times in conversation and in the media this is a term that is used to describe a large wide, bright and white smile. It is perceived as synonymous with the “Hollywood Smile” that many celebrities strive towards. However, is that the correct … Read more

Does Cheryl Cole REALLY have the Perfect Smile?

THE PERFECT SMILE STUDIOS SPECIAL: Cheryl Cole seemingly has a great smile and some people would remark that it is the perfect smile. But what exactly makes up the ingredients of this? We spoke to celebrity dentist Dr. Rahul Doshi, past dentist of the Smile Clinic to investigated the different aspects that makeup a perfect … Read more

The Perfect Smile with Dentistry – Hype or Achievable?

The perfect smile – a possibility or a pipe dream The UK’s ambivalence to cosmetic dentistry has earned us the reputation of being dental dinosaurs and we have fast become the butt of many a joke by our teeth and smile obsessed American counterparts. However, you will be pleased to hear our attitude is changing … Read more