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Before Smile makeover - The Perfect Smile After Smile makeover - The Perfect Smile

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“To all the very special people that go together to make The Perfect Smile Team.

Words fail me – at least they would if I could keep my mouth shut long enough, except that now I find that I am opening my mouth all the time. What a wonderful gift – you gave me back my smile.

That in turn gave me back my life. I no longer feel miserable and isolated from the rest of the world because I am now living back in the real world and I have to say it’s a truly wonderful feeling.

I know you all really believe in the wonder of The Perfect Smile but I am not sure that you can really appreciate the depth of that wonder. I was quite a sad and lonely person before and I know it’s not just the fact that now I have a gleaming smile, but it was the gleaming smile that gave me confidence to come alive again.

I will never be able to thank you all. Ash for his extraordinary talent as a dentist, and the staff for their special skills. I am amazed at the kindness, understanding and tenderness as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm your Team have. You are all special people and I cannot think of a more adept, professional, kind, friendly and dynamic Team. You change peoples’ lives and you do it with such humility. With all my heart I thank you.”