Clip on Veneers – better than the real thing?

Clip in Veneers – Are They Worth The Money?

I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve seen many posts on social media, particularly TikTok, featuring Clip on Veneers, with users hailing them as the best shortcut to a better-looking smile.

But, as with anything on social media, this makes me slightly suspicious, so I thought I’d go undercover and look into clip-on Veneers to see if they’re worth it and what they are really like to wear.

how clip on veneers look

First, the prices of clip-on-veneers

A quick search online showed that the average cost of clip-on veneers was typically between £500 and £600, which initially shocked me. Especially when viewing some unflattering before and afters on certain websites.

These clip-ins, priced anywhere from £450 to £900, are not a cheap alternative to conventional veneers – with some companies even offering finance to draw patients in.

Sadly, it looks like a market has been created for individuals who cannot afford dental veneers to spend hundreds of pounds on cheap, uncomfortable, denture-like gum shields containing bulky, fake-looking, unnatural white teeth.

To me, these companies seem to be taking advantage of consumers, especially when, for the same price, they can look into composite veneers and end up with a much more natural and appealing look.

Not awful, just not great

Just because we don’t sell clip-on veneers here doesn’t mean we need to boycott them. Clip-ins aren’t necessarily rubbish, but neither are they incredible – and we would rather share advice that prevents you from getting ripped off or wasting money.

Whilst it’s not as bad as dental tourism and Turkey Teeth, we can’t help but feel patients are being lied to online, especially with obvious advertorials like this one, which is not marketed as sponsored anywhere. Users need to be careful of misleading or false claims.

Do your research:

I asked the dentist – here’s what they thought

The Perfect Smile Studios, as a cosmetic clinic, strives to help patients make the right choice about their teeth. With this sudden rise in the popularity of clip veneers in the UK, we thought it best to give a professional assessment.

The main concern with getting moulds like this in the post is taking impressions at home without dental professionals. Whilst you can probably get away without causing any harm or dental trauma, there’s the chance that teeth or existing dental work can get pulled out – especially if your teeth are in a fragile state.

Dental professionals go on specific courses to teach them how to take impressions because of the associated risks – conditions like tooth decay, gum disease and existing dental work are at risk with at-home impressions.

Now, these companies would not highlight that it’s best to visit your dentist to undertake these impressions because they are worried that we’ll talk you out of clip-on veneers and show you a much more affordable, cost-effective way to a better, healthier smile.

before and after veneers

What to do when you need affordable veneers

Look into composite veneers that are immediately sculpted to the tooth and require no tooth preparation. Costing £500 per tooth, it would cost £3,000 for a full jaw of new teeth (typically around 6), which can be financed:

  • 12 Months(0%) £225.00pm * or
  • 60 Months(14.9%) £62.78pm *

*The total amount of Credit is £2700. The total charge for credit £1066.94. Total Amount Repayable £3766.94. Repayable by 60 monthly payments of £62.78. Representative 14.9% APR. Example based upon treatment costing £2700 repayable over 60 months. Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

Learn more about composite veneers.