Considering Orthodontics in Your Smile Makeover Plan

August 8, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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When developing your smile transformation plan, there’s more to consider than your teeth’s outward appearance. Correcting crooked or misaligned teeth could also drastically improve your overall smile.

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That’s the role of orthodontics, a specialty within dentistry dedicated to correcting improper bites. From the Greek for straight (oath) and tooth (odont), orthodontics involves a variety of treatments designed to move teeth.

This is all possible because of the dynamic nature of the periodontal ligament, which holds the teeth in place to the jaw bone.

Its elastic quality allows micro-movement of the teeth in response to pressures placed on them from biting and chewing. Discover movement during braces.

Assessing your needs for a treatment designed for you

As orthodontic appliances apply gentle pressure over time to the teeth, the ligament and surrounding bone adjusts and reforms to the new position.

To see if orthodontic treatment is right for you, we must first perform a full evaluation of your bite. We can then recommend a treatment that will improve your general oral health, as well as transform your smile. Check out what cosmetic braces can do for you.

The final stages in your makeover

The next decision is the kind of device to use for the treatment. The traditional metal bands and brackets commonly known as braces are affixed to the teeth and place gentle tension on the ligament; they are adjusted regularly over several months until the teeth reach the target alignment.

A variation on this is the clear bracket, made of material that is translucent and not as easily noticed by others.

While it may be more aesthetically pleasing during the treatment period, they require extra care because they’re more susceptible to breakage than the traditional bracket. More information.

Another option is the clear aligner, a recent development in orthodontics. These are a series of computer-generated plastic trays, each slightly different than the preceding one, which fit over the teeth. Find out what aligner is suitable for you, click here.

As the patient wears one after the other, the teeth are gradually moved into the desired position. This is a good choice for cases that aren’t too complex or comprehensive.

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While most orthodontic treatment takes time, the results can be dramatic. It may be just what your smile needed!

If you would like more information on the role of orthodontics in smile makeovers, please contact Dr. Rahul Doshi today at 020 3468 8312 to schedule an appointment for a consultation in Harley Street, London or Hertfordshire.

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