Cosmetic Dentist News: The Christmas Tooth Fairy needs your help

November 30, 2011 by Rahul Doshi

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Christmas is a special time of celebrations and festivity. But it’s also a time for magic and enchantment. One of the things that we cosmetic dentists bring a little Christmas cheer to is the Tooth Fairy and a very special fairy in the fairy kingdom is the “Christmas Tooth Fairy”.

Now, most kids would already know this but for the adults out there- the Christmas Tooth Fairy only wants to take healthy children’s teeth and not decayed adult teeth. She feels it’s ok to take children’s baby teeth since these teeth are not needed. But adult teeth are needed to perform a variety of functions such as eating, chewing and smiling and she would feel overwhelmed if she had to take these too! Not to mention the magical world of good do not like to inconvenience anyone and lets face it losing teeth to dental decay and gum disease can do just that!

So to help out the Christmas Tooth Fairy so she doesn’t become overburdened, we have decided to help adults keep their teeth to enjoy their Christmas suppers and all future celebratory meals too. We have decided to lighten her burden of carrying these damaged and unprotected teeth that have been victim to dental decay and gum disease.

Your Christmas Invitation


We would like to invite all adults to a complimentary consultation where we can help you to save your teeth. We can provide relevant useful information that may just prevent you from losing your teeth and having to have extensive dental treatment in the future. This means that you can enjoy your teeth for longer and without discomfort and pain.

Your Special Christmas Offer

We are also offering 10 % discount on all treatments* up to Christmas to repair and restore teeth that have been damaged and help restore your gums back to health. This means that you can have a great saving on gum disease treatment and protective dental work to revive your infected and deteriorating teeth.

Good News for The Christmas Tooth Fairy

We know that this would be very good news for the Christmas Tooth Fairy, since she might get to enjoy Christmas now too! We can help you to become healthy and lighten the Christmas Tooth Fairy’s burden at the same time. It’s our way of helping out at Christmas.

So lets help each other spread the Christmas cheer, make merry and get healthy at the same time. Come along to see our cosmetic dentists in our smile clinic and lets restore your smile.

Call our studios on 01992 552115 your healthy Christmas awaits.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

This offer is only for new treatment plans and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


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