How can you achieve a perfect smile?

April 5, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Your smile has topped a poll of the most important physical features when it comes to attraction between men and women.

The smile was closely followed by the face and then the eyes.

This year the theme is “The Smile Factor”, which aims to remind people that their mouth, teeth and smile is fundamental to all aspects of their life – whether career, personality, relationships, attraction or all-round good health.

How important is your smile?makeover smile

Despite the importance of smiles and teeth to everyday life, many people appear to have a poor image of the nations smile.

The survey revealed also that only 23 per cent of those surveyed believed that the nation had ‘good teeth’, and approaching half the population were not happy with their smile or teeth.

It’s time to give your teeth more attention

Results such as these should act as reminders to us that we should be giving greater attention to our teeth – not just because it improves oral health.

But because it gives us the confidence to smile, which makes a major difference to our relationships, careers and overall image.

What we do to help you

If you are unhappy about the way your teeth look or if you want to gain some confidence by improving the way you look and feel about yourself, then it all starts with the smile.

And the road to a good smile starts with talking to us about what you dislike and what you like about the way your teeth look. Contact us today.

We offer a Free Photographic Analysis together with a complimentary consultation to talk about your “smile factor”. Click here.

There are many types of treatments available under the heading of cosmetic dentistry.

This means we can most definitely customise a program for you to suit your budget and requirements.

Our dentistry covers teeth straightening treatments as well as treatments to make the aligned teeth look better.

If your teeth are crooked there are a number of suitable alternatives to restorative work that can provide you with excellent results.

Smile Makeovers can involve:

  1. Moving teeth into the correct position. Teeth Straightening Treatments.
  2. Making the teeth look good on the surface. Whitening Treatments.
  3. Making teeth healthy and structurally good. General Dentistry.

Our treatments include:

As you can see there are multirole treatments and we can mix and match the appropriate treatments to suit your needs.

Your dentist London at The Perfect Smile Studios will be able to discuss these options. Read more.

Improve the quality of your life by improving your smile. These days modern dentistry has helped to overcome many obstacles to gaining your perfect smile, so why wait?

The beautiful smile is no longer just for celebrities, but for everybody. Call our studios on 020 3603 2736.

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