Cosmetic dentistry and the daily grind

June 14, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Many people feel that they look after their teeth really well and yet every time they visit a dentist, it seems like they are constantly and forever needing dental work. This can be quite disheartening at times.

It also, prevents many people from seeking out advanced dentistry to improve and enhance their smiles. They feel that if their teeth are not so good perhaps they can’t improve them.

Most people put this down to bad luck and weak enamel.

Treat worn teeth with Perfect Smile Studios

Grinding Wears Down Your Teeth

There may be an underlying cause that requires attention. Teeth may be wearing down by an unconscious habit of tooth grinding. Many people who grind their teeth don’t even know that they are doing it and often only realise when their partner explains that they have been grinding their teeth at night making a noise. Whilst a lot of teeth clenching occurs during the day, most teeth grinding occurs at night when it is out of your control. So what to do?

Firstly you need to recognize that you are a teeth grinder. There are various telltale signs that elude to this. The most common one being the grinding noise. However, there are other more serious effects.

Telling signs of Teeth Grinders Include:

Worn down teeth

Cracked teeth

• Breaking fillings

• Head and neck pain

• Jaw joint symptoms

Regular headaches

Causes of Teeth Grinding (or Bruxism)

The scientific term for teeth grinding is “Bruxism”.

Some people grind because they have what dentists call “interferences” when they are chewing. These interferences prevent smooth operating of the upper teeth with the lower teeth and so diverts the jaw into a different action.

In order to correct this situation you need to have a “Bite Analysis” done. At The Perfect Smile Studios, Dentist Dr. Doshi uses advanced digital technology to help analyse the teeth in your mouth that are under excessive pressure. He can often make simple adjustments to your bite and easily correct these interferences.

However, the most common cause of teeth grinding is stress! Teeth grinding is a central nervous system phenomenon and so is our abilities to cope with stress. However, positive stress management can be enormously beneficial to teeth grinders.

Also, foods and drinks that are acidic in nature can make a teeth grinder’s situation worse. This is because the acid erodes away the hard protective enamel covering leaving the core of dentine exposed and vulnerable to decay.

How teeth grinding affects your dental work

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we will analyse your teeth to assess for teeth grinding problems. We look at all the possible indicators for this situation. Once we have derived some conclusions and diagnosis as to the extent of the problem, we then look at what your exact requirements are.

Dr. Doshi often integrates many protective features into his  smile makeover and treatment plans. This can include protective new bites being established, protective material bonded onto weakened surfaces, protective crowns on very weak and heavily filled teeth and protective night teeth guards.

If you feel that you are a teeth grinder, then we can help. Call our studios for a free consultation so that we can help provide a way forward and help prevent further deterioration of your teeth.

Book in today for your free consultation – call us on 020 3355 8505

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