Braces Now Popular With Adults

August 7, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Cosmetic Braces - The Perfect SmileOrthodontic braces are generally more popular with children and teens who have misaligned teeth.

However, dental practices have seen a rise in the number of older people wanting the perfect smile they have always dreamed about.

Many people who have crooked teeth prefer to use braces over brackets and traditional wires, since they are more comfortable to wear.

This is thanks to their design, which allows them to fit perfectly into every patient’s mouth.

Orthodontists also recommend braces for use by both adults and younger people since they can effectively cope with malocclusion and help move teeth into the right position. A common cause of malocclusion is when teeth have too much or too little room in the jaw. If a child has a small jaw, their teeth may grow into a space that is too small, causing tooth overcrowding.

Moreover, braces cause less pain and require less wearing time, whilst effectively helping teeth stay in a fixed position, when compared with retainers. Patients are not advised to remove them very often as they may lose or break them.

It is also essential to keep them in at night since it can be hard to put them back; even one night without retainers can cause teeth to go back to their previous position.

The bracket is one of the most used types of braces, but a new technology called Invisalign can be a good alternative to traditional devices.

It is composed of plastic material and allows people to use them without changing their brushing and flossing habits.

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