Cosmetic Dentistry Improvement at The World Aesthetic Congress

June 6, 2018 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi are due to attend the World Aesthetic Congress held in London, this year. As you may know Dr. Doshi founder of The Perfect Smile Studios and Advanced Training Institute, likes to keep at the forefront of dental innovations especially in tooth veneers and smile makeovers. Therefore he will be looking for newer developments in the UK when he attends this year.

In the past years, Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi have enjoyed huge success when they have been invited to speak at the World Aesthetic Congress in their individual specialty subjects. This year, they have decided to attend to interact with colleagues and discuss the more newer ideas available in dentistry today. Drs’ Doshi will be investigating better approaches for tooth veneers, smile makeover and smile designs.

Already Dr. Doshi is in the process of introducing some great concepts and further innovations to The Perfect Smile Studios after his very successful trip to the USA when he attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He hopes to embellish those ideas further after his visit to the World Aesthetic Congress.

Dr. Doshi says, “ I am currently in the process of making some great plans to help my patients further with the very latest dentistry has to offer. Dentistry is a changing world and it is very important to keep up with all that is new and developing to improve the way we do things. This means patients will end up with treatments that are even better and more durable than before especially when designing tooth veneers for smile makeovers. Also, many new options open up that may not have been available before. I always encourage people to talk to me about what they want to achieve. And I always try to provide a treatment option which is the most ideal and most suitable”.

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Dr Rahul Doshi

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