Cosmetic Dentistry – The Fight Against Survival

June 9, 2018 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Well done to Dawn French and her amazing new look!

The Vicar of Dibley star has lost 3 stones since her divorce from Lenny Henry and she looks like a new women. Congratulations to her for her efforts to make herself healthier and she looks great for it too.

This situation got me thinking about people’s efforts to help themselves after traumatic times in their lives such as divorce, loss or passing away of loved ones. Quite often I see patients who after having gone through such trying times in their lives want and yearn for a change. They seem to crave a fresher newer and more fulfilling outlook on life. It is at this time that the personal trainers, long chain of grueling diets promising fast results, dental surgeons and dentists become part of an armamentarium to fight against “finding” oneself again.

I’m not saying that this what has caused Dawn French to lose her weight but it has got me thinking about how emotional pain can give way to self-improvement and re-discovering of our self. And I think that when people use the negative energy of their life and transform it into a positive existence, then that’s amazing in its self. It shows a yearning for self-respect and survival. So well done to all those people out there making themselves feel better about their self.

We can help to transform your smile into a stunning beautiful show of happiness. I know from experience and all my work with Extreme Makeover UK, how life-changing a stunning natural looking and totally “you” smile can be for a person. It can literally make you look and feel 10 Years Younger.

We can help you to re-discover your smile and this can become the start of you moving into a better place in your mind as you see life from a more positive viewpoint. It’s all about feeling good about your self.

We are a leading practice with specialists and experienced dentists to help patients from all over Hertfordshire, Essex and London. Indeed, many of our patients also come from all over Europe by word of mouth. We not only help our own patients but also those patients of dentists we train at our Advanced Training Institute. We are here to help YOU rediscover that lost smile.

Call The Perfect Smile Studios on 01992 552115 and take up our offer of a complimentary consultation and chat to us about what we can do to help you. Our philosophy is to change lives and exceed expectations. For years now, we have created stunning smile makeover that are based on healthy foundations and we would like to help you.

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