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April 5, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Dr. Rahul Doshi at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute produces Smiles without drilling. This new treatment requires special attention to detail; therefore only a dentist specifically trained in smile design, bite and occlusal analysis can carry out this procedure. Meet our dentists.

These are exactly some of the techniques taught by Dr. Doshi at The Perfect Smile Studios. One such technique Dr. Doshi believes to be compatible with most people and the technique of choice that he teaches in significant detail is ultrathin veneers. Click here.

Getting beautiful results without drilling your teeth has never been so easy to achieve as now. New advances in dentistry allows for various techniques such as ultrathin veneers to make improvements to aspects of your smile you don’t like and keep the ones you do. Discover the costs.

The benefits of ultrathin veneers:

  • No cutting or drilling your tooth structure

    straight one

This is an excellent option if you don’t want your teeth to be drilled or to lose any tooth tissue and want a more conservative approach to obtaining a new smile. Our dentists at The Perfect Smile Studios love this aspect of creating new smiles in their smile clinics.

In most cases, since very little tooth enamel is adjusted there is often no need for any injections. This means there is very little if any discomfort during the treatment procedure. This makes getting a new smile easy and comfortable. Click here.

  • Fantastic looking results

You can alter discrepancies in your smile and keep the aspects you like. This means you can end up with the perfect smile of your choice.

  • No sensitivity

The process is not as invasive as traditional teeth veneers and hence the new style ultrathin veneers are bonded to mostly enamel. This means that no dentine is exposed and hence there is no post-operative sensitivity.

Book in at Perfect Smile today

You can book in with a dentist at The Perfect Smile Studios to assess your teeth and evaluate all the possible options for you. We have a team of experienced dentists and specialists all geared up and ready to collate together to produce the best result for you. Find out about our initial consultation.

So, whatever your aspirations are with regards to cosmetic enhancements there is a perfect solution for you.Missing-Tooth

Complete assessments before treatment starts

You can even try out one of our signature assessments that provide the ideal ‘MOT’ for your mouth so that you can create your beautiful smile on the best possible foundation for long-term success.

We want to take the uncertainty out of dentistry. We know that now we can customise your treatments to suit your specific needs. Talk to us about what you are looking for and what you want from dentistry.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios to book in a free Consultation on 020 3627 5080 to assess your suitability and find you a way forward. We are also offering free smile imaging and free photographic analysis with our team.

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