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May 18, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Comprehensive Options, Customised Treatment Planning, Dental Innovations, nervous patients, Pain-Free Dentistry, Ultrathin Veneers

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Dentistry today can be a maze of ideas, techniques and innovative treatments.

The biggest question lies in which treatment is right for you? Find out more.

The cosmetic dentistry arena is no longer a simple straightforward tooth-coloured filling or porcelain restoration of a tooth.

Nowadays, there are as many types of materials to choose from, as there are techniques.

This means it is vital that your dentist has all these innovations in his or her armamentarium and considers all the possible solutions that could work for you.

Solutions designed for you

In fact, there is a huge amount of creativity involved when designing a new smile. At the Perfect Smile Studios, you can be rest assured that we will apply the correct types of treatment options to your current needs and foundation of teeth.

We combine enhancements with passion and creativity to produce some fantastic results.

The three basic areas that combine together in different ways are:

Advanced dentistry in London

Discover comprehensive solutions to enhancing your smile from minimal improvements to new smile makeovers. Read more.

A straighter smile with Perfect Smile Studios orthodontists

Adults can now get their teeth straightened within 4-9 months using invisible and inconspicuous braces, also known as six month smiles. More information.

Experts in dental implants

Eat and smile in total confidence. Implants are a great solution to replace missing teeth or loose dentures. Click here for more information in London.

Understanding solutions at The Perfect Smile Studios

Your dentist at The Perfect Smile Studios will be able to help you to understand these techniques and what would work well for you. Often the best way forward is the systems that combine to give you the most conservative way forward.

For instance, for adults who have crooked, discoloured and worn teeth, it would be great to get your teeth straightened first and then to use a technique called ultrathin Veneers to enhance the colour, shape and form of the teeth.

Ultrathin Veneers do not require any cutting of your tooth surface or an injection anaesthetic.

Hence, it forms an ideal option for those people who are anxious of the dentist drill but would still like an improvement. Discover more.

Dental Implants are another fantastic way to create that enhance by creating a stable foundation for missing teeth.

This way you can re-achieve your smile without too much involvement of any neighbouring teeth.

Indeed, dental implants for a great solution to loose and uncomfortable dentures. See the comfortable treatment.

Treatments performed by professional & reliable dentists

Since, there are so many options and combination of options; it becomes vital that you see an experienced and knowledgeable dentist who is comfortable with these techniques. Meet the team.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, Dr Rahul Doshi, also trainer and teacher at the Advanced Training Institute for dentists, has an immense knowledge of enhancements.

He has now trained over 5000 dentists in various techniques and is heavily involved with the newer ultrathin Veneers.

For a personal consultation with Dr. Rahul Doshi please call 01992 552115 today.

Once you’ve had your consultation we will discuss with our treatment coordinators what type of treatment is suitable for you.

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