Current Dentistry Trends 2017/18

October 3, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Aesthetic Dentistry, Comprehensive Options, Looking Younger, Veneers

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Dentistry trends have been moving ahead at an alarming rate. Innovations in dental technology have created a huge amount of options thus allowing dentists London, Essex & Hertfordshire to be able to create treatment plans to fit all types of budgets and needs.

Once upon a time, Veneers were the only option using traditional techniques. But the downside of these techniques has been the amount of tooth that was prepared in order to change the smile. Nowadays, there are numerous techniques we consider prior to deciding which option is best for the patient. This allows us to customize our treatment programs to work inside the patients’ requirements.

Some of these options include:

Teeth Whitening. There are multiple techniques in this arena alone that needs to be taken into account when assessing teeth.

Immediate veneers. This uses specialist techniques to create a ne smile in one day. It is a quicker technique that does not need laboratory involvement.

ULTRATHIN veneers. These involve a NO PREPARATION veneer technique that does not involve the cutting of teeth like other techniques. It is also very comfortable to have done.

Traditional veneers. This is the normal type of smile makeover treatment found in most places.

Crowns. Here discoloured and unsightly metal based crowns can be changed for more natural looking and improved crowns.

Dentures. Multiple techniques can be used to create real-looking cosmetic stable and retentive dentures for those patients who do not want to consider a surgical otion.

Smile designs and smile makeovers. This is where a unique hand-crafted smile is designed for the specific individual and can sometimes use a combination of techniques.

Your dentist London, Essex & Hertfordshire at The Perfect Smile Studios will be able to help you choose the right options for you. We offer complimentary consultations. You will have the opportunity to discuss many of these options and many others with our team. We can show you multiple examples of how the treatments have worked for other patients.

If you would like to see Dr. Doshi or any of his experienced experts and specialists, we offer FREE Consultations, FREE Smile Imaging and FREE Photographic Analysis. The information you gain as a result of coming to see us in your complimentary visit alone will help you choose the best for you.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios on 01992 552115 to assess your smile and find you a way forward.

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